Friday, April 22, 2011

Nutrients we miss when we don\'t eat fresh!

By Australian Guest writer &  Naturopath Tony Boutros

"Some of our major nutrients such as B/complex,B12,vitamin C,antioxidants,EFA’s,amino acids,zinc,copper selenium,magnesium and many other nutrients are missing from our major food suppliers"

"These nutrients are vital,not only for survival,but for DNA repair and restoration,the body was created to repair itself if we give it the right nutrients,the right environment, we can do this with fresh home grown food in mineral rich soil".

Note: -- this is not a diagnosis or prescription, just general information.

Cancer rates in the western world are increasing out of control despite all this so called new  research they are doing,and we are spending millions donating to all these research companies,and really we have the very best in prevention of most or all disease—fresh,living food from your garden,its too simple,they think.

Main nutrients needed for cancer—high doses vit.C, B12/complex, magnesium, Ormus, minerals and all the other nutrients, all these are missing when we don’t eat fresh.

Diabetes is out of control also, main missing nutrients—B12/Complex, magnesium, all minerals, amino acids, EFA’s, Vit.C, antioxidants, celtic salt (minerals)

Arthritis—magnesium, silica, sunshine (vit.D), vit.C ormus, sea minerals, celtic salt

Mental disease—B12/Complex, mag, minerals

Basically any disease we mention is a breakdown of DNA, the only thing that will repair DNA is all the nutrients

Wholegrains such as millet, quinoa, brown rice, and oats contain b/vitamins as well as vit.E, amino acids and some fatty acids.

Fruits/leafy greens contain—vit.C, antioxidants and other nutrients, home grown aloe vera contains the polysaccharides essential for the double strands of DNA.

Legumes/wholegrains—contain sulphur amino acids, these are needed for liver detox, and other sulphur containing foods are— cruciferous veg, onions, garlic, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts etc.

Researchers have found that 90% of cancer recovery is related to diet,cancer patients who do everything to kill cancer,even natural herbs,without changing diet,don’t do that well.

The good news is, that we can all change the way we eat and save a whole lot of money in the process and be so much healthier, sounds good?? It is.just do it. See you in health heaven

Next session, our last one of this series/what else can we do to boost our health?? Until then

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Nutrients we miss when we don't eat fresh

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