Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dec 14, ornamental plants or gnomes

by Suzanne
(Auckland, New Zealand)

What on earth should I do with this? Suzy

What on earth should I do with this? Suzy

I have a small triangular section of ground near an entrance. It is too nondescript at the present - it has a few little cacti and some kind of little bush (I dont know the name of it- my sister is the only 'greenie in our family!) growing, amazingly, it seems to me because there isn't much sun due to the large oak tree reaching over from the neighbour's fence. I dont know whether to add a few more cacti/suckulents (is that how you spell it?)/ornamental cabbage, or forget about planting and find a friendly looking garden gnome.....any suggestions please because gnomes cant compare with a pretty little plant...


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