Sunday, April 24, 2011

Miniature Citrus Trees

Citrus Species

Origin: East Asia

Botany: All the Citrus species including the cultivator are evergreen and woody, with leathery leaves, yellow scented flowers and orange or yellow fruits.

There are many cultivars available and new ones coming into creation every year. Below I have provided a list of some of the more popular species available today.

Meyer lemon (C. Limon)

Mandarin (C.reticulata)

Tahitian Lime (C. Aurantifolia)

These are all grown on the dwarf root stock. The most popular of the rootstocks being (trifoliata)

Varieties of Miniature Citrus Trees

Most of the lemon varieties are too large except for the hardy “Meyer”. The Meyer is also one of the coldest tolerant of the species.

The “Lemonade Citrus Tree” style tree bears a very sweet lemon, thus giving it the name Lemonade tree! Other species available are!

Mandarin – imperial. Emperor, Ellendale and Kara. Please keep in mind all the new species coming into market. Enquire at the local nursery which miniature citrus trees would suit your garden.

West Indian and Mexican varieties are generally unsuitable for container plantings.


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