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Common Ailment Prevention and Treatment for Kids!

"Welcome to Common Ailment Prevention and Treatment for Kids"

In todays world, kids are sick...very often too! But, parents see that as normal.

But think about it....if your dog or cat got sick every two weeks to where you had to take them to the vet and prescribe medications for them, you WOULD NOT think that is normal.

Why should it be any different for kids?

Now, I did one article about how to keep kids healthier and stronger on a long term basis with a healthy diet, but every now and then, kiddos just get the sniffles. So in order to avoid the expensive doctor visits and drugs to get them through, here are some nutritional home remedies to help get kids better faster and safer.

***In some cases you may need to use food supplementation for higher doses in case your child needs the extra boost.***

For common colds, sore throats, and congestion, Vitamin C in high doses is the trick. When giving your child orange juice, be sure to juice oranges yourself so that they are getting as much Vitamin C as possible since juice from the store loses much of it in production.

If their cold involves a fever, two of the best natural sources for fighting fever are oregano oil and garlic. Oregano oil is like a natural antibiotic and garlic is a good anti-viral, anti-fungal food. Garlic's nutrient content is the most powerful when it's the most stinky, unfortunately, and many kids can not stand the taste of it (I laugh as I write this because I remember my dad having the hardest time getting me to swallow garlic capsules when I was six years old). If your kids like garlic then you can put it on some toast or if they prefer take it in capsule form. In younger kids you could put it something they like, such as applesauce or cereal, just as long as you get it in them.

Pre and probiotics (good bacteria for the colon) are essential for keeping your child healthy and help control any type of allergies. Alfalfa as well, is an anti-bacterial, detox super food that not only helps control allergies but asthma as well!

Two non food remedies that boost recovery are sleeping and making sure they are having regular bowels. If the body is not eliminating toxins it takes much longer to recover. This is true no matter what your age is. If you child is experiencing some constipation, the easiest remedy is to give them a powder laxative with alfalfa and barley in some juice or in capsule form.

"Growing Pains" and other aches are becoming more common in small children and teenagers. These pains haven't exactly been proven to be caused by the child's growth spurts, but one thing for certain is that calcium is not only good for bones but it is also a natural muscle and nerve relaxer which will take away the pain. A good calcium supplement can be hard to find. Make sure that the supplement you use is from natural food sources AND that it dissolves! Many calcium supplements do not! Give them loads of green leafy vegetables and any goats milk or cheese if you can.

Continuing on to more severe health issues for children, there is a growing rate of the amount of children with neurological dysfunctions such as ADD, ADHA, ODD, Autism, Pervasive Development Disorder, and Aspergers.

They are all treated differently, some are considered emotionally disturbed or mentally challenged, but the fact is that all of these conditions stem from a toxic overload in the colon and the lack of key nutrients getting to the brain that are causing these neurological problems.

The first approach to helping the problem is a healthy detox with foods we just mentioned like Alfalfa, Garlic and Cilantro. B-complex are essential for neurotransmitters in the brain. They don't only help with over active kids, they also help elevate depression.
Probably the greatest nutrients for neurological problems such as these are Omega 3 Oils, especially from fish. Omega 3's promote long term brain health and are unique in that they help pass other nutrients to the brain through the blood brain barrier.

There are many healthier ways you can help your children recover from illness. They are our future and they deserve the very best we can give them. If you'd like to speak to me further about natural healing please contact me! "

Common ailments and treatment for kids

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