Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jan 30, What to fill up deep 75cm garden beds for Community Garden

by Garden Djinni
(Hurst, TX, USA)

We are building a community garden. Ground "covering" breaking is on Feb 5th.
I am encouraging the group to use The No Dig method. I need you expertise in one little point. Our beds are extra tall so elderly or the wheel chair confined can access the garden. We are building our beds about 30" tall or between .6-.8 meters deep using cinder blocks as our walls.

Which layers do we we need to increase to fill the beds? And by how much?

I read that someone used straw after the newspaper layer as a filler. But, if we can get good fill dirt, should we use fill dirt instead of straw? Then at the appropriate height begin our layers as instructed on the website? Which is best? Straw as filler sounds good - because it's light. But I'm sure we can get fill dirt donated if you think that is best. My worry with straw as filler is the whole bed will settle down.

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