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In-Organic Children

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"Organic" is such a buzz word. What does it mean?

Parents who are slightly conscious of their children's eating habits might give them "healthy" snacks because the bag says "Organic" on it. Therefore, it is healthy and they are being good parents making sure their kids are eating right.

Now I'm not trying to bash parents here. Most parents want and strive to do everything they can to keeping their kids well, but most don't realize that they are hurting their kids more than helping them.

Let's take a typical school age child in the United States-supposedly the richest nation in the world but so starved in many ways.

The child grows up spending most of his time in a classroom, because kids in a public school setting need to be controlled/monitored in case their ADD gets too much to handle, or in case they happen to pull out a weapon, or in case they wonder off and get pregnant or get someone else pregnant in the gym.

They spend little time in sunlight, they can only eat during the lunch hours, (unless they can sneak a soda and cookie from a vending machine in between classes) they eat the schools "healthy choices" that are packaged and/or freeze dried.

They are surrounded by toxic chemicals in the bathrooms, gyms, classrooms and cafeteria and are occasionally vaccinated with immunizations that haven't been tested with the latest questionable ingredients to avoid the latest animal flu panic.

Sounds alot like prison but there you go-the non-natural life of most kids. (By non-natural I mean not ac-curing in nature).

Now top a non-natural life style of no healthy activity and video games with a non-natural diet such as sodas and foods that were grown in exhausted, chemically treated ground, chemically treated water and sprays, picked before its ripe to get it to market, and packaged foods that have had what little nutrition in them cooked, microwaved or freezed out of them. Oh and the seeds used were from genetically modified sources so you're starting from non-natural food source to begin with.

Children grow up eating well disguised swill that is dead. It doesn't offer any life forces to their hungry cells, brain, organs, or muscles.

And people wonder "Why are kids so sick?" Why do so many kids have allergies, asthma, autism, skin problems, focus problems, behavior problems, diabetes, childhood forms of cancer, and why are they always catching colds?

Why can't everyone see why?

Our children are sick because of what we, the schools, and the doctors are giving them. Its pure practical scientific sense. Those who refuse to see it don't want their belief system in their country, their careers, their health system, etc. to be challenged.

Organic is not a name you slap on a bag. Its a culture and a way of living that isn't just about "does not contain preservatives." Its about living in harmony with nature and feeding the body with life-giving nutrients from real food and getting energy from the sun and fresh air. You might say the only way to do this is to have a garden and live a much more sustainable life style.

It truly is a way of life that not many people are willing to live anymore because of their careers, location, etc.

But if you are wanting to change that, you can! More and more people are preparing their own small space gardens to enjoy healthier foods and to get the kids outside. If this is too much to start at the moment you might want to take the whole family and visit an organic farm (either for produce, dairy or meat).

Not only do you have the ability to buy fresh foods and meats from them, but you can also take workshops there on how to start your own garden and connect with other knowledgeable farmers in the area. This is truly the best way of reversing the negative diet culture thats been put upon our children.

If you live in the states my favorite website it search is where you type in your zip code and can find all the organic farms near you. If you life outside of the states, do a google search and you'll be amazed at all of the farms near by that you didn't know existed.

Next time we'll talk about preparing healthy foods for school, etc. Please feel free to contact me on how to help children's health problems with nutrition! " Local Harvest / Farmers Markets / Family Farms / CSA / Organic Foodwww.localharvest.orgFind locally grown produce anywhere in the country! Use our map to locate farmers markets, family farms, CSAs, farm stands, and u-pick produce in your neighborhood.Share

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