Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nov 13, rolling and crimping cover crops


I have been thinking what the best way to grow a no till organic garden is. I think growing cover crops and then rolling and crimping them to kill them and form a mulch would be better than laying down mulch hay since that has to be harvested and probably takes a lot more energy to produce than a mulch crop directly seeded in the garden.

Does anyone have experience and suggestions for how to do this?

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  1. I Believe that building an above ground bed would be best for this! You will need to add compost, broken down manure with layers of newspaper and cardboard.
    Then cover with mulch and plant straight into it once its broken down.
    These are best made once the weather warms up so decomposition is faster.
    Also add a handful of lime per square meter!
    I hope this helps.

    ps: add worm castings too if you have them available!
    Marty from the